Finishing Ø200mm Tubes up to 12m Length

ML200 is a single head planetary tube finishing machine which polishes round tubes up to Ø200mm.

The new tube loading and unloading system is composed of 2+2 modular tables with 5 meters each which enable the finishing with 6 and 12 meters long round tubes.

Also, as each table is assembled in wheels it is simple to remove or add one to better adjust the layout of the production in every moment.

These tables have a storage capacity of 5 tubes Ø200mm with 12 meters length.

Equipped with hydraulic height adjustment so different diameters from Ø25mm up to Ø200mm can be easily transported and polished on the ML200 planetary tube finishing machine.

For more information or to see the demonstration video email us marketing@nsmaquinas.pt