Tube Notching and Deburring Machines

OD Tube Deburring Machine cleans and removes tube sharp edges caused by sawing:

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Pipe Notching with MBL120
MBL Tube and Pipe Notching Machines make tubes junction easy whenever welding tubes together is needed:
  • Square tube or round tube notching
  • Flat bars notching
  • Any material can be notched
  • 90 degrees or angle tubes notching
  • Accurate shaping of tubes ends
  • Maximum tube notching Ø120mm

Ideal for any tubular structures easy joining and welding: handrails notching, furniture notching and metal structures notching.
  • MBL120: Tubes notching up to Ø120mm
  • MBL70: Tubes notching up to Ø175mm

Joining tubes by notching

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