The right edge: NEW 1350mm width joins the 660mm and the 1100mm


How it works

DM machines with ZC configuration, combine deburring and strong edge rounding in one single machine, processing small and large parts cut mainly on laser and plasma.

The large diameter contact roller deburrs efficiently small and medium size burrs while the 2 counter rotating abrasive cross belts leave a soft edge both on the internal and external contours of the parts.

Now, DM ZC machines are available in 3 working widths (660, 1100 and 1350mm) being able to better suit each company production range. Since the 2 stations have an independent construction, these machines enable the work with 1 station only as well. Making a soft edge on burr free laser or punched cut parts or supplying a linear finish on metal sheets is possible with any of these versions.

Small parts down to 50x50mm deburring and edge rounding is one of the big strengths of this machine. More, this line of equipment can be fitted with parts return systems and support roller tables increasing productivity both on small and large parts processing (available from NS Máquinas). The integration with these devices is made easier due to the fixed conveyor belt working height design.

   DM660 ZC                      DM1100 ZC                 DM1350 ZC

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Bull Bars and Bumpers Mirror Polishing and High Gloss Finishing Machine

    Bull bars and bumpers are tubular stainless steel accessories used on vehicles in order to protect them from collisions or impacts and as an auxiliary for lightning, communication equipment or self-recovery winch. Usually this type of accessory is essential for driving in rural and/or off-road areas. Also, this tubular grill guard and bull bars are nowadays used as an accessory to enhance the visual esthetic of the vehicles.

    Due to its characteristics, stainless steel is one of the best materials to use. Though being highly resistant, in extreme and/or different circumstances the material itself could corrode. In order to avoid the corrosion of the material, the mirror polishing clean and give a smooth finish to the stainless steel bull bar.

    MP100 – Mirror Polishing Machine is the perfect solution to mirror polish bull bars and bumpers on the vehicles. This solution makes harder for the corrosion to stick to the bull bars, bumpers, grill guard or push bar.

    To accomplish a good result, the manual operation of mirror polishing could take hours. Given the Planetary Polishing System of the MP100 – Mirror Polishing Machine it is able to operate curved, bent and elliptical tubes in a few minutes. This technology also enables the work without rotating the tube because the polishing wheels rotate around the tube diameter.

    The result of the MP100 - High Gloss Machine on the bull bars is a consistent and high productive finishing quality.  
    On the two videos below there is available an example of a bull bar with the mirror polishing finishing. The first stainless steel tube video is a close up of the bumper and the second one is a video of the entire bull bar mirror polishing and high gloss:

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MP100 High Gloss Stainless Steel Tubes Mirror Polishing Machine

Stainless steel tube mirror polishing is an important process for tube manufactures. Mirror polishing stainless steel tube creates a uniform and consistent shinny surface finish which is essential for several industries both for aesthetic and technical reasons.

Stainless steel tubes before and after MP100 - Mirror Polishing Machine 
Industries such as stainless steel tubular furniture, bull bars and bumpers for off road cars or boat railings are some examples which often require tube mirror polishing, either for enhancing the looks of an item by creating a reflective surface or for preventing corrosion in tubes and pipes.

Although stainless steel is much more resistant to corrosion than ordinary carbon or alloy steels, in some circumstances it can corrode. Coastal line stainless steel tube constructions, such as outdoor stainless steel railings or marine fittings require a smooth mirror polished finish so it gets harder for the corrosion to stick into the stainless steel tubes. Smoother surface will bring a better staining resistance. A similar effect happens in process industries such as food and pharmaceutical, where improving the surface quality up to mirror polishing will decrease the risk of bacteria to remain on the stainless steel.

So far many solutions for mirror polishing stainless steel tubes were centerless tube mirror polishing and buffing machines. This technology forces the tube to spin while it passes through the polishing wheels. Although effective this method brings some restrictions on the type of tubes which can be mirror polished. Within this range of products we can enhance long tubes which tend to vibrate unless supported in bulky guiding tables and curved tubes which, due to its geometry, just cannot be turned around the polishing wheels.
Straight tubes high gloss mirror polishing machine

MP100 is a revolutionary concept which is able to mirror polish stainless steel tubes by inverting the existing model of the tube polishing market. Instead of forcing the tube to spin so the contact is made with the stationary polishing station, MP100, has changed the existing technology by making the polishing buffing wheels rotating around the tube.

Producers of curved tubes products in stainless steel such as off road cars accessories (namely bull bars and sports bars), bathroom and kitchen taps, high class architectural balustrades and fittings or swimming pool ladder rails commonly face the problem of applying the final mirror polishing in their bent tubes. This job is typically made with manual machines which end up being a very time consuming and labor intensive process.

With MP100 three planetary polishing wheels rotate around the tube making high pressure and delivering a high gloss mirror polishing in straight but also in curved tubes. The operator simply needs to transport trough the polishing head, while the cotton wheels do their job on the complete external diameter of the tube, completing a consistent finish both on the outer but also on the inner side of the bend.
Curved tubes mirror polishing machine

Additionally the machine features an automatic feeding system which transports straight tubes safely through the polishing units, enabling a consistent and high gloss mirror polishing quality in a vibration-free process. The feeding systems are assembled in hinges and can be assembled or removed in few seconds, making this machine flexible for multiple operations.

The design of MP100 assures that, as opposed to centerless machines where a work rest is used, no tube support is located on the polishing area. As a consequence NS Máquinas tube mirror polishing machine assures no marks, no scratches and a perfect tube polished surface.

The machine features brushes pressure control by foot pedal which enables the operator to control the applied force during tube polishing operation.

In order to achieve a shiny surface the machine is equipped with automatic solid polishing compound system. The operator can define the quantity of compound to be applied and simply start the process when it is required.

MP100 has a working capacity on straight tubes up to Ø114mm and was developed to polish different geometries for curved tubes. Depending on the quality of surface which is requested and on the shape of the tube, MP100 can mirror polish up to a speed to 3 linear metres per minute, turning tube mirror polishing a more practical, fast and safe operation. Definitively a great improvement for any company doing stainless steel tubes.

See the demonstration video below with the areas of application for the MP100 tube polishing machine: bull bars mirror polishing, automotive components mirror polishing and stainless steel furniture mirror polishing.

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Short Round Bars Polishing Machine

CL75 centerless round tube polishing machine has now a loading devide which enables the finishing and polishing of short elements.
Finishing round ytubes with Ø20mm and as short as 25mm can be easily done with this device which enables faster polishing in longer series of small and short tubes or round bars.
Check the video below where short stainless steel are polished.

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FGW170 2ZR Flat Wet Finishing Machine with Parts Return System

NS Máquinas has just delivered a special Flat Wet Finishing Machine for company LOB in Poland (www.lob.pl).

LOB manufactures various products within the scope of construction fittings. One of these items is mortise door locks and strike plates which needed surface finishing and polishing.

door strike plates polishing machine
FGW170 2ZR Metal Surfaces Finishing Machine - Strike Plates Polishing at LOB

FGW170 2ZR is a double belt wet finishing machine which counts with 2 independent abrasive belt stations, a disc transfer system and a return conveyor belt. This system makes possible the continuous feeding, inspection and storage of parts by one single operator.
door strike plates polishing machine

While working with the return mode, the machine can actually transfer and deliver parts up to 320mm long and from 1.5mm thickness. Additionally the machine can also finish longer parts without length limit by deactivating the return mode.

Tests conducted with the LOB pointed to a output level of 1000 strike plates polished per hour with one single operator.

Contact us to get the demonstration video of FGW170 2ZR where it is demonstrated the strike plates feeding, polishing and returning.

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