CL75 Centerless Tube Finishing and Polishing Machine

CL75 is a centerless tube finishing machine made for steel and stainless steel tubes polishing.

This machine polishes any steel or stainless steel round tube up to Ø100mm. This centerless polisher can even do lengths as short as 100mm, being prepared for long tubes finishing as well.

low cost stainless steel tube polisher
CL75 Centerless Low Cost Tube Polishing Machine
CL75 centerless machine is a low cost tube polishing machine ideal for handrails and stairs tube finishing. Satin finishing or belt grinding at low cost is possible with CL75 centerless tube polishing machine.

CL75 tube finishing machine belongs to NS line of BASE machines. A line of tube polishing machines dedicated to small productions where flexibility is important.

See the demonstration video below where a Ø42.2mm stainless steel tube is polished with CL75 centerless machine.

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Grinding Pressure and Surface Quality with ML300 Tube Polishing Machine

Stainless steel tube polishing machine
ML300 Tube Polishing and Finishing Machine
Grinding Pressure and Surface Quality in high diameter tubes is now possible with ML300 Tube Polishing Machine.

ML300 round tube finishing and polishing machine finishes and polishes straight round, oval and elliptical tubes of high diameters.

Several centerless tube polishing machines, once the tube rotates, face high tube vibration, especialy in long tubes. On the contrary, the ML300 planetary system enables the work without rotating the tube, delivering the best finishing results. On ML300 tube and pipe finishing machine, the tube does not spin, so regardless the length of the tubes the feeding is done safely and without the need of complex transport or feeding mechanisms.
Stainless steel tube polishing machine
Stainless steel tube after polishing with ML300

The feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, enabling a consistent and high productive tube finishing quality with lowest vibration.

ML300 tube polishing machine is now equipped with an automatic double pressure contact roller system which assures a high pressure on the tube surface and high material removing and grinding capacity. This is valid for steel and even stainless steel tubes, whenever it is necessary to remove imperfections and scratches from the surface of the tubes, delivering a high quality tube polishing result.

ML300 tube and pipe abrasive belt finishing machine polishes tubes from Ø40mm up to Ø310mm and has a feeding speed up to 3 meters per minute.

See the demonstration video below where a stainless steel tube Ø270mm is finished with ML300 tube polishing machine.

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MLW200 TC: The Automatic Solution For Conic Poles Polishing

MLW200 TC Conic Tubes finishing machine
MLW200 TC Polishing machine for long conical poles
MLW200, TC version, is a round tubes finishing machine capable of polishing automatically cylindrical and conical tubes from Ø25mm up to Ø205mm.

This tube polishing machine was designed to finish conic tubes and poles without any manual adjustment making possible to polish a complete pole starting with Ø165mm and ending up to Ø75mm.

The feeding units features a precise diameter compensation system which, combined with the solid structure, assures a vibration-free and safe tube transport operation during the complete pole polishing process.

MLW200 TC Conic Tubes polishing machine
Completely automatic machine for conic tubes finishing
Having a water cooling spray on the finishing area MLW200 TC can polish different metals and safely work potentially explosive materials. Therefore aluminum, steel or stainless steel light poles can be easily polished in this finishing surface machine. One automatic filtration and pumping system is integrated in the machine frame and can be easily removed for cleaning.

MLW200 TC offers a fast and reliable process on poles polishing up to 4 meters per minute.  Simultaneously it assures a constant finishing even along the biggest lengths.

See the demonstration video of MLW200 TC Light Poles Polishing Machine and contact us at marketing@nsmaquinas.com for further information on this tube finishing machine.

MLW200 TC Conic Tubes polishing machine
MLW200 TC A light poles polishing machine which features consistency with fast and safe operation



DM1100 C: Stainless Steel Edge Rounding and Polishing of Laser Cut Parts

DM1100 C is the ideal machine for creating rounded edges on metals parts with light burrs.

DM1100 C Laser Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine

This machine is equipped with a double top cross belt with deburring abrasive blocks which work all edges of parts regardless its shape.

Before and After Edge Rounding with DM1100 C Machine

This technology provides a strong rounding action on parts cut on laser and deliver a high performance in any size of part, including parts as small as 50x50mm.

The action of the abrasive blocks, besides creating a perfect rounded and deburred edge, creates a smooth linear polished finishing. Having the possibility of polishing stainless steel laser cut parts with a very fine touch is great benefit on several applications where aesthetic is important.

Edge Rounding and Polishing Stainless Steel Laser Cut Part

Easy and measurable set-up of thickness and pressure and quick replacement of abrasive cross belts (less 3 minutes) are some of the extra benefits the DM1100 C deburring and edge rounding machine brings.

This product is available in 1100mm and 1600mm max. width capacity (models DM1100 C and DM1600 C) and can edge round laser cut parts but also other parts with light burrs such as parts cut on punching, shearing or plasma machine.

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TR120 2Z Stainless Steel Edge grinder

Side grinding of stainless steel bars

“The TR series of machines from NS Maquinas are designed specifically for grinding of the edges on Stainless steel flat bars.

The machine utilizes a feed table, with downward facing pressure rollers to keep the material firmly against the conveyor feed belt and simply flows the material in a horizontal position past the linishing heads grinding a clean mechanical surface value on to the material.

The material is pushed against the linishing heads by 7, sprung loaded pressure rollers and has the capability to grind the edge of plate up to 300mm wide.

Ease of use is paramount in the design of TR series equipment. The abrasive linishing heads independently oscillate up and down, eliminating waste on the abrasive belt and ensuring that the maximum width of the belt is always consumed. The grinding head contact wheels are constructed of Nitrile, a robust, heat resistant material that offers long and durable service life. These wheels are manufactured at 90 Shore and run a serrated face to maximise the abrasive cutting action.

The standard TR machine is also fitted with flap wheels on the outgoing feed side, this lightly de-burrs the sharp edge that can be created when grinding the edge of flat bars, this task, is done in one action as the flat bars feed through the unit.

Adjustment of grinding pressures is easily and independently adjusted by the operator as they stand in front of the machine.”

By Corey Munn, NS Máquinas in Australia

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