DM1100 C: Stainless Steel Edge Rounding and Polishing of Laser Cut Parts

DM1100 C is the ideal machine for creating rounded edges on metals parts with light burrs.

DM1100 C Laser Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine

This machine is equipped with a double top cross belt with deburring abrasive blocks which work all edges of parts regardless its shape.

Before and After Edge Rounding with DM1100 C Machine

This technology provides a strong rounding action on parts cut on laser and deliver a high performance in any size of part, including parts as small as 50x50mm.

The action of the abrasive blocks, besides creating a perfect rounded and deburred edge, creates a smooth linear polished finishing. Having the possibility of polishing stainless steel laser cut parts with a very fine touch is great benefit on several applications where aesthetic is important.

Edge Rounding and Polishing Stainless Steel Laser Cut Part

Easy and measurable set-up of thickness and pressure and quick replacement of abrasive cross belts (less 3 minutes) are some of the extra benefits the DM1100 C deburring and edge rounding machine brings.

This product is available in 1100mm and 1600mm max. width capacity (models DM1100 C and DM1600 C) and can edge round laser cut parts but also other parts with light burrs such as parts cut on punching, shearing or plasma machine.

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TR120 2Z Stainless Steel Edge grinder

Side grinding of stainless steel bars

“The TR series of machines from NS Maquinas are designed specifically for grinding of the edges on Stainless steel flat bars.

The machine utilizes a feed table, with downward facing pressure rollers to keep the material firmly against the conveyor feed belt and simply flows the material in a horizontal position past the linishing heads grinding a clean mechanical surface value on to the material.

The material is pushed against the linishing heads by 7, sprung loaded pressure rollers and has the capability to grind the edge of plate up to 300mm wide.

Ease of use is paramount in the design of TR series equipment. The abrasive linishing heads independently oscillate up and down, eliminating waste on the abrasive belt and ensuring that the maximum width of the belt is always consumed. The grinding head contact wheels are constructed of Nitrile, a robust, heat resistant material that offers long and durable service life. These wheels are manufactured at 90 Shore and run a serrated face to maximise the abrasive cutting action.

The standard TR machine is also fitted with flap wheels on the outgoing feed side, this lightly de-burrs the sharp edge that can be created when grinding the edge of flat bars, this task, is done in one action as the flat bars feed through the unit.

Adjustment of grinding pressures is easily and independently adjusted by the operator as they stand in front of the machine.”

By Corey Munn, NS Máquinas in Australia

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DM660 ZPK Laser Parts Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine

DM660 ZPK Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine
DM660 ZPK is a deburring and edge rounding machine for sheet metal and parts cut by punching, shearing, laser or plasma.

Removing burrs and creating round edges using planetary brushes technology is possible on parts up to 660mm width and on some as small as 50x50mm.

Inside and outside contours of stainless steel, steel and aluminium parts cut by laser or other thermal processes are burrs cleaned from the total surface.

Sample of stainless steel metal sheet edge rounded with DM660 ZPK

DM660 ZPK features now an integrated vacuum table, a re-designed conveyor belt with higher holes density for smaller parts deburring and a 3 movement system of the rounding head, assuring a higher consistency of the parts processed.

Metal sheet deburring, laser cut parts edge rounding, removing burrs and sharp corners and creating soft edges are operations easy to achievable with DM660 ZPK abrasive deburring machine and demonstrated on the video below.

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ML50 Tight Radius Bent Tube Polishing Machine

Finishing Machine for Bent Stainless Steel Tubes
ML50 is the new tube finishing machine ideal to polish low diameter round tubes with tight bent radius.

This machine benefits from ML Planetary System and is an upgrade from ML30, now with a working capacity up to Ø50mm.

ML50 has a slim and compact planetary wheel which permits the operation of tubes with very tight radius. A high variety of products such as brass faucets, steel office furniture or decorative stainless steel tubular items can be easily finished in this flexible machine.

Click on this link to view demonstration video where brass faucets are polished as well this machine finishes office furniture as a preparation for chrome plating.

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DM1100 ZC: Deburring and Edge Rounding in One Machine

DM1100 ZC: Deburring and Edges Rounding Machine

DM edge rounding machines are available with deburring station before the cross belts.

The soft contact roller Ø240mm can grind away burrs from laser and plasma, while the cross belts will remove sharp edges, rounding them with extreme efficiency. These machines can actually work parts down to 50x50mm.

The stations are independent. This makes possible the operation only for edges rounding (without abrasive belt) and only for parts finishing in a second step after deburring and edges rounding.

These models count with fixed working height, motorized control of thickness and cross belt pressure/wear.

The cross belts are positioned at 35º, which permits the use of the full width of conveyor belt. Parts will not be placed at an angle as it is done with DM1100 C. More, we can have a straight finishing after edges rounding if a 3rd station is required (abrasive belt or brush unit).

This machine is available in 2 sizes: working capacities of 660mm and 1100mm (DM660 ZC and DM1100 ZC).
Check the demonstration video below where a stainless steel laser cut part is deburred and edge rounded. See also more examples at www.nsmaquinas.com

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