Round Tube Polishing Machine MLW100 3Z

Stainless steel tube polishing in MLW100 3Z Machine
MLW100 3Z is a multiple station round tube wet grinding machine from NS. This machine works up to Ø114mm tubes and using a 3 independent planetary head construction allows a fast finishing from rough to finer grits.

This planetary machine has now a stronger construction and in its standard configuration works from 355mm length tubes up to 6m or more.

Finishing different metals is not a problem. Aluminum, stainless steel or steel dust is automatically cleaned and filtrated in the internal system.

The refrigeration system works in closed circuit and can be supplied as a separated unit with automatic functioning. Drying station can also be supplied as an optional.

See complete demonstration video at www.nsmaquinas.com or contact us at marketing@nsmaquinas.pt