Grinding Pressure and Surface Quality with ML300 Tube Polishing Machine

Stainless steel tube polishing machine
ML300 - Tube Polishing and Finishing Machine
Grinding Pressure and Surface Quality in high diameter tubes is now possible with ML300 - Tube Polishing Machine.

ML300 round tube finishing and polishing machine finishes and polishes straight round, oval and elliptical tubes of high diameters.

Several centerless tube polishing machines, once the tube rotates, face high tube vibration, especialy in long tubes. On the contrary, the ML300 planetary system enables the work without rotating the tube, delivering the best finishing results. On ML300 tube and pipe finishing machine, the tube does not spin, so regardless the length of the tubes the feeding is done safely and without the need of complex transport or feeding mechanisms.
Stainless steel tube polishing machine
Stainless steel tube after polishing with ML300

The feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, enabling a consistent and high productive tube finishing quality with lowest vibration.

ML300 tube polishing machine is now equipped with an automatic double pressure contact roller system which assures a high pressure on the tube surface and high material removing and grinding capacity. This is valid for steel and even stainless steel tubes, whenever it is necessary to remove imperfections and scratches from the surface of the tubes, delivering a high quality tube polishing result.

ML300 tube and pipe abrasive belt finishing machine polishes tubes from Ø40mm up to Ø310mm and has a feeding speed up to 3 meters per minute.

See the demonstration video below where a stainless steel tube Ø270mm is finished with ML300 tube polishing machine.

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