FGW170 2ZR Flat Wet Finishing Machine with Parts Return System

NS Máquinas has just delivered a special Flat Wet Finishing Machine for company LOB in Poland (www.lob.pl).

LOB manufactures various products within the scope of construction fittings. One of these items is mortise door locks and strike plates which needed surface finishing and polishing.

door strike plates polishing machine
FGW170 2ZR Metal Surfaces Finishing Machine - Strike Plates Polishing at LOB

FGW170 2ZR is a double belt wet finishing machine which counts with 2 independent abrasive belt stations, a disc transfer system and a return conveyor belt. This system makes possible the continuous feeding, inspection and storage of parts by one single operator.
door strike plates polishing machine

While working with the return mode, the machine can actually transfer and deliver parts up to 320mm long and from 1.5mm thickness. Additionally the machine can also finish longer parts without length limit by deactivating the return mode.

Tests conducted with the LOB pointed to a output level of 1000 strike plates polished per hour with one single operator.

Contact us to get the demonstration video of FGW170 2ZR where it is demonstrated the strike plates feeding, polishing and returning.

Email us at marketing@nsmaquinas.pt for further details on this metal polishing machine.