ML100 - Polishing Test in Curved Tubes

The following test was requested by a customer who needed to polish metal curved tubes. This customer is a manufacture of metal components for a whole range of industries: automotive, medical devices, aerospace, telecommunications, energy.

This particular test was for medical devices with curved round tubes.

Curved tubes with scotch brite polishing:

curved pipe before polishing
The tube before the polishing process had some rust and dirtiness all around the surface. The customer wanted to remove it and some give a shine effect on the surface. He didn't need mirror polishing, just a brighter effect.
Giving this, it was decided to start the tests with a medium scotch brite since the surface didn't had a lot of scratches neither big imperfections to be removed.

pipe polishing

The ML100 was able to work with this curves and make the polishing effect requested by the customer. 

Please check the video of the polishing process to see the difference before and after the scotch belt:

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