After Tube Cutting… Tube Deburring

Whenever a tube or any metal component is cut, regardless the method used (sawing, machining, punching or even laser), a burr will be created.

Deburring the tube is mandatory for most applications, not only for quality and aesthetic reasons but also for a safe handling during the complete manufacturing process. Therefore, removing tube sharp edges of stainless steel, mild steel, copper or aluminum tubes is often the first step in tube preparation after the tube is cut. With OD120 Tube Deburring Machine inside and outside tube burrs caused by cutting operations are quickly deburred despite the shape of the material.

Having a double rotation movement of wire brushes this machine enables a fast and flexible performance on various designs: square tube deburring, round pipe deburring, aluminum extrusions deburring, machines parts deburring or flat bars deburring.

Cleaning and creating a soft surface of all edges at same time, including deburring of tube inner and outer edges, is done without having to rotate the tube, pipe or extrusion. The rotating wire brushes will deburr from all angles simultaneously around the outside of the tube. At same time OD120 Tube Deburring Machine orbital movement will also deburr completely and equally the inside edge of the tube.

Tube deburring with OD120 Tube Deburring Machine, can therefore be done right after saw cutting, avoiding extra handling costs in further manufacturing operations. In a couple of seconds all sides of the tube or profile, regardless its shape, are deburred as it is demonstrated on the video below.

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