FG170 2ZK - Flat Surfaces Finishing Machine

Rectangular or square tubes and flat bars are used in a lot of different industries: furniture, house appliances, machine manufacturers, civil locksmith, fluid transport systems, handrails producers, glass structures, metal profiles, door locks, automotive, are some of the examples. The use of this shape of metal products depends usually on the appearance, engineering characteristics and or price of raw material.

During the production of the raw material, it hasn't a uniform surface. Then, with the handling to create the rectangular and square tube, the surface is scratched. In most cases, the tube will be used directly in the final product where the surface finishing is not relevant. In other cases, like furniture, handrails it will require some finishing process since the final product will require a good look. This finishing is important for example to apply chroming, painting, material chemical protection, remove cement or rust from old metal tubes to be reused.

The machines usually, on a simple basis, have some tool (like a roller or wheel) applying pressure in the abrasive against the surface of the metal. Other consumables, like abrasive brushes, are also important to increase the finishing result or decrease consumables cost.

NS Máquinas range of polishing machines for rectangular tubes and flat bars are integrated within this type of solutions. The flat surfaces machines have two types of stations: abrasive belt with contact roller (Z stations) and an abrasive brush roller (Z stations).

metal grinding machine for surface finishing with an abrasive belt combined with a contact roller
Abrasive belt combined with contact roller: Z Station 
surface finishing machine for flat surfaces with abrasive brush sctotch brite type
Abrasive brush: K Station

Due to the possibilities of configuration using those stations, NS Máquinas has different polishing machines for each customer requirement. It is possible to have a ZK configuration (one abrasive belt station combined with an abrasive brush station), 2Z (two abrasive belt stations) or 2ZK (two abrasive belt stations combined with one abrasive brush stations).

abrasive belt station combined with abrasive brush station
ZK Version: 1 belt + 1 brush

two abrasive belt stations
2Z Version: 2 abrasive belts

two abrasive belt stations combined with one abrasive brush station for surface finishing
2ZK: 2 abrasive belts + 1 brush
Considering those configurations in the polishing machine, it is possible to achieve a very good surface quality in the rectangular or square tubes ad flat bars. Check the following examples:

metal part after grinding process
square tube polishing

A polishing or finishing machine with several stations and high working capacity needs to have different adjustments mechanisms for the feeding speed, abrasive belt, and abrasive brush speeds, thickness/height, fine pressure adjustments, ammeter to control motors consumption. The FG170 models include a side panel where it is possible to control most of the parameters:

Machine panel control example: on/off buttons for abrasive belt stations, abrasive brush station and conveyor belt; feeding speed selector (with inverter): emergency STOP button; two ammeters for the abrasive belt motors; error light

Depending on the options of the tubes finishing machine, it is possible that this panel includes other buttons and adjustments to control it.
On the front of the machine, there's a wheel to adjust the machine height (set the material thickness):

1/10mm adjustment wheel

The operation on this machine makes a lot of metal dust and residues. NS Máquinas develops all the machines with an integrated circuit inside the machine where it is possible to connect an extraction unit to collect and filter the metal particles and dust. Each station has an individual tube to the exterior:

Inside the machine: three extraction channels in a 2ZK configuration machine
Outside the machine: three extraction points in a three stations machine

Those extraction points can be connected to a single extraction unit with a suitable reduction for the three tubes.
NS Máquinas has different types of dust extractions for different polishing machines:

A Line 
Simple extraction unit with different capacities: from 1700 up to 6800m3/h
AS LineClosed-circuit extraction unit: from 2280 up to 6500m3/h
AW LineWater cyclone system: from 3200 up to 11800m3/h

If you have any questions about those finishing machines or need to make some tests please contact us through marketing@nsmaquinas.pt.