ML30 Faucets Polishing Machine

Faucets finishing with ML30 machine

ML30 Round Tube Polishing Machine is the ideal equipment to polish small diameter round tubes with tight bent radius.

This is the case of water taps and faucets finishing, where the pipes have to be polished all around inside and outside the bend. Kitchen and bathroom faucets need often to be chrome plated and ML30 tube finishing machine provides a smooth surface which will deliver a perfect chromed surface.
Company JGS, Portugal, produce water faucets for kitchen and bathroom all made in brass. According to Mr. Domingos, managing director, before having the final chromed faucet produced finishing and polishing steps are essential to have a perfect result. 

Old method used by JGS
Mr. Maia, responsible for the finishing and polishing division of the factory, told that before purchasing ML30 tube finishing machine this step was done manually by an operator who worked with a stationary belt grinder. The faucet has to be turned several times in order to polish all sides and curves of the product.

With ML30 round tube polishing machine the operator simply feeds the tube through the machine following the curves of the faucet through the planetary station. The flexibility of the planetary system enables a perfect adaptability to different types of bent tubes.
Faucet after finishing and chrome plating

This change in the faucets finishing production, dropped dramatically the production time, having increased 3 times the production of several faucets models, explained Mr. Maia. Also, as the abrasives are rotating all around the tube, the finishing is always consistent, which becomes evident after chrome plating the faucets.
Stainless steel faucets production is also done by other faucets producers making a very high finishing level when final polishing is required.
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