Heavy Duty Flat Bar Grinding & Square Tube Finishing

FGW Heavy Duty Flat Grinding Machines were thought for the most demanding applications where removal capacity of the finishing machine in poor quality stainless steel tubes is critical.

Below NS Australian Partner and metal finishing expert, Corey Munn, describes the benefits these models brought to stainless steel square tube and bar finishing.

“The FGW 2Z Tube Finishing Machines has been designed with great ability for rapid plate grinding in mind. The structure of the unit is second to none, giving no chance of flexing under the heavy workload that the machine can offer.

In the Asia pacific region, we’re commonly faced with stainless flat bar stocks that have poor heavily pickled surfaces. These surfaces require an exceptionally heavy cut to be removed completely in order to start the process of achieving the desired surface value.

With a combination of high horsepower motors, specifically designed contact rollers and brutal strength in its construction, the FGW Flat Finishing Machine delivers a package that can run all day, tearing through length after length of stainless bar, yet the same unit is able to bring the surface down to incredibly fine finishes by using various agglomerate style belts, we’re commonly running P600 – P1200 with great result.

Pressure rollers will keep the work piece secure, while a flood of coolant will keep the heat at bay, avoiding warping, twisting and curving allowing the 2 grinding heads to do what they were designed to do, finish and finish fast…We’re very happy with the FGW Square Tube Finishing Machine and look forward to placing more units in Australia in the near future.”

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