4 Sides Square Tube Finishing

Conventional flat finishing machines for steel or stainless steel square tube and bars only enable the abrasive belt work in one side at each time. Tubes and bars have to be returned and flipped around 3 times in order to get all 4 sides finished.

In the most demanding productions, where operations, time and handling have to be minimized, this represents a high cost procedure.

In order to bring these costs down, NS has developed FGWH150.8Z flat finishing machine. This model was developed for continuous and intensive finishing of square tubes and bars in one step only, making this finishing machine especially interesting for tube producers, tube wholesalers and tube finishing companies.

Combining 4 sets of double abrasive belts, this 8 stations belt grinding machine makes the job in each side of the profile in few seconds without having to transport it back.

FGWH150.8Z square tube finishing machine has every station independently regulated and is wet refrigerated on the abrasive contact points, enabling a soft tube finishing without bending or deforming the material. The water flows in a closed circuit and is filtered in an automatic station, providing a longer life of the machine and its components.

The standard capacity of this flat finishing machine is 150mm width per 100mm thickness, but other configurations can be also available and adjusted to different product specifications.

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