Radiators Tube Finishing and Chrome-Plating

Tube chrome plating is often made in towel bars, radiators and tubular furniture in order to get a mirror and shinny surface in different metals. Often we see in these applications steel chrome plated tubes, but in some applications it is also used copper or even stainless steel.

However, after the tube chrome plating, it is frequently visible some marks which are the tube imperfections. By removing these tube irregularities with an abrasive belt soft finishing method a more regular tube surface is created, benefiting the final result.

The procedures to apply this preparation for the tube chrome plating ideally should be made with a sequence of fine abrasive belt grits, often up to 3M Trizact A16 and A6, in a soft and non-contact finishing machine.

Using the planetary multiple head abrasive system of ML100 3Z combined with automating tube loading and unloading systems, in order to minimize human handling of the tubes, is a method used by companies producing tubular chrome plated products. Here the tubes transport system is done the smoothest way possible, so that no scratch would appear in the final product.

The ML100 3Z multiple stations planetary system produce a soft and perfect finishing improving the results after tube chrome plating with better quality and without imperfections. See the video below with example of radiators tube finishing.

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