Handrails Angled Tube Drilling

Drilling tubes in angle, handrails flowdrilling and threading, balustrades inclined drilling, shelves systems tubes drilling, boring radiators and other tubular stainless steel constructions has always been a hard job whenever using vertical drilling or milling machines.

Drilling long tubes, getting a good alignment of the 2 holes of the drill and making drills in angle were time consuming, difficult or even impossible tasks to perform with these conventional equipments.

TDM2 Tube Drilling Machine allows straight and angled drilling up to 30 degrees on the 2 sides of the tube at the same time. Tapping, flowdrilling and threading is also possible in the same machine, drilling tubes quickly and accurately.

Tests made with stainless steel handrails and stairs companies show increases in productivity rates from 1 drill in conventional machinery to 8 drills (12 holes) in TDM2. More, savings are also visible in tools durability.

Also, by using the flowdrill option up to M10, a thicker tube wall is immediately created and, in the same operation, with a simple and guided tube rotation, TDM2 performs the threading. This simple task often replaces welding once it makes the fixation of stainless steel cables and the construction of tubular structures which need to be disassembled much easier.

This machine in its standard configuration enables stainless steel tube drilling and steel tube drilling of round tube up to Ø80mm, square tube up to 80x80mm and flat bars up to 10mm. Tube drilling up to Ø42mm hole (with core cutters) is also possible with TDM2.

See the demonstration video with examples of pipe drilling, tube flowdrillng, tube threading and bars drilling. For more detaild information email NS at marketing@nsmaquinas.pt