Flat Finishing: 2 Sides in 1 Pass Only

Finishing long square tubes or flat bars can now be done faster and with less handling.

After FGWH150 8Z, making the 4 sides of the profiles in 1 single step, FG220 4ZV is now an option for companies which want to decrease long tubes processing time.

This new throughfeed flat finishing machine combines 2 abrasive belts on the top and 2 on the bottom, making possible the work of 2 opposite sides at same time.

The standard maximum capacity of this machine is 220mm width per 200mm thickness and is capable of polishing long tubes and bars from 700mm.

Below you have the demonstration video where you can see 100x100 tube finishing and other flat finishing applications. For higher productions check FGWH150 8Z article.