ML300 High Diameter Long Tubes Polishing Machine

ML300 is a Round Tube Finishing Machine for high diameter tubes. This machine working capacity goes up to 310mm and is especially design to polish long tubes.

Different metals can be polished with ML300: stainless steel tubes polishing, aluminium finishing, steel cleaning or finishing for chrome-plating.

8 inches tube finishing in ML300
Finishing 6 or 12 meters tubes of 8, 10 or even 12 inches in some machines can be difficult due to rotation of tube. However, in ML300 tube polisher, as the tube is transported in a 4+4 rollers feeding system and as the abrasive belts rotate around the tube, there is no vibration and the polishing work is easy and safe.
More, the tube does not have to be perfectly round once the polishing belts will adapt to the shape of the tube. This enables the finishing of tubes which are even oval or elliptical.
On the image an 8 inches aluminum tube is polished with ML300. You may see other examples of tube polishing applications at www.nsmaquinas.com.
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