Automatic Tube Finishing Machine ML100 3Z

The standard ML100 3Z is a round pipe polishing machine with 3 independent abrasive stations. It finishes tubes from Ø10 up to 114mm in one single pass using combination of different abrasive grains.

In order improve the tube supply autonomy of the machine NS has developed a new in feed and out feed system which makes continuous transport of tubes, avoiding labor costs and reducing non-productive periods of the machine. This tube finishing machine has now an optimized program of tubes feeding, minimizing the gaps between them and improving its global productivity.
This new system is able to feed and polish in the same sequence tubes with different lengths, working from a minimum tube length of 450mm. More, as the feeding is done from the front of the tube, actually unlimited lengths can be worked with this tube finishing machine.
The standard capacity is designed for 10 tubes, but higher number can be done with different versions of this loading and unloading tube system.
ML100 3Z brings a new energy-saving feature. This tube polishing machine is now equipped with a tube detection program which automatically stops the abrasive belts motors every time there is no tube on the finishing stations. This automatic motors start and stop system reduces not only the consumption of energy, but also of bearings, rollers, V-belts and other mechanical components.
This automatic tube feeding system is also compatible with double and single stations tube finishing machines in dry or wet versions.
Ideal for different types of tube finishing businesses such as balustrades tube finishing, tubular stainless steel furniture finishing or finished stainless steel tubes wholesaling, ML100 3Z automatic conveyor system is applicable to  every tube finishing activity where time, quality and machine autonomy are essential.
See the demonstration video where a sequence of 1 1/4'' and 2'' tubes is polished.
To get more information about ML Tube Finishing automatic conveyor systems email us at marketing@nsmaquinas.pt