Hinges Weld Grinding Machine

FC120 is a surface finishing machine made for belt grinding and polishing of flat metal elements.

In this case, FC120 metal finishing machine is set up for grinding of weld seams on door hinges made of carbon steel and aluminium.

In order to assemble the hinge to a window or door its surface has to be completely flat so all welding has to be grinded in a consistent way.

In the case of hinges weld grinding, has the connecting element is welded on the back of the hinge, the challenge was to create a conveyoring system which would assure a paralell position to the grinding belt.

The final solution polishes an average of 25 hinges per minute. Check the demonstration video where weld seams are grinded from the back of steel hinges.

For more information on FC120 models please click on this link or email us at marketing@nsmaquinas.pt