DM1100 3ZK Panels and Plates Finishing Machine

wide belt finishing machine, stainless steel metal sheels polishing
DM1100 3ZK is a wide belt finishing machine for metal sheets polishing and panels grinding.

This automatic four abrasive stations machine counts with three independent abrasive belt units and an oscillating finishing brush, a maximum working width of 1100mm and a speed up to 30m/m.

In this example stainless steel panels are finished in order to remove the stud welding marks made on the opposite side.

Besides standard finishing (feeding and collecting the parts at the end), an automatic return and feed mode was developed for DM1100 3ZK.

plates polishing machine
Different programs can be defined for multiple passes with this automatic return system. In each step of the program the operator can define which abrasive stations will be working, the speed of each one, speed of feeding conveyor belt and pressure given on each station.

During all the grinding and finishing sequence the work is done automatically without the need of an operator and once the program is completed the panel exits the machine, then a new one can be fed into the transport belt.

This system enables an efficient and consistent belt grinding operation either in metal panels, metal sheets, heavy plates or parts deburring.

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