High Gloss Tube Polishing and Finishing Machine RC200

RC200 Belt Grinding and Mirror Polishing Machine
Belt grinding, hairline finishing and mirror polishing are different surface finishing operations used to prepare tubes and pipes for various applications where exterior metal treatment is necessary.

Stainless steel tubes for handrails, fittings or decorative tubular elements, for automotive industry, for furniture fabrication or even for food and chemical processing industries are some examples where appearance and expectations for tube final finishing is high. Often different tube and pipe surface finishing types are required from pipe imperfections belt grinding up to tube satining and even tube mirror polishing.

RC200 is a new centerless tube polishing and abrasive belt grinding machine which combines finishing, satining, buffing and mirror polishing in straight tubes in one single equipment.
rc200 centerless belt grinding machine
Finishing tubes in wet system

The quick change of contact roller for polishing wheel and the flexibility of design of RC200 in order to work under wet and dry condition makes it easy to do wet belt grinding and also tube gloss polishing in dry operation.

The centerless system enables the finishing and polishing of short components from approximately 100mm up to long tubes. Adjustable in feed and out feed roller tables can be supplied in order to support and store tubes with high lengths or heavy pipes. Its modular construction makes it possible to join several tables and meet the total length required by each production range.

The wet cooling system, used for tube abrasive belt grinding, where the water is flowing and cooling down the tubes, runs on a closed circuit. Dusty water is decanted and, once cleaned, is pumped back to the finishing point, allowing an efficient consumption of liquid. In addition, a water level shows the operator the exact quantity of water available and the need of refilling the tank. 

A 3 meters length abrasive belt with 100mm contact area, combined with a flood of coolant and the strength of the regulating roller, permits heavy material removal in pipe grinding and quality belt finishing in tubes. Also, the abrasive belt easy tensioning system, proved and tested in all NS FG machines, makes abrasive belt replacement a quick and practical operation made within few seconds without the need of any tool.
rc200 tube mirror polishing machine
High gloss: tubes mirror polishing

RC200 counts with a strong construction of the regulating head with adjustable pressure and bi-directional feeding direction. Having these two feeding directions feature decreases handling costs, especially when tube mirror polishing is required, enabling multiple passes on the polishing buffs without having to remove the tube from the work rest and feeding roller tables. Also, different work rest supports are equipping the machine so one can grind and polish tubes from Ø10mm up to Ø206mm.

As the contact roller is changed by a polishing buff, either of sisal or cotton, mirror gloss polishing can be achieved in dry operation. The pressure applied on the polishing wheels is adjustable and this setting together with the selection soap and slower or faster tube feeding will lead to the tube mirror polishing look required. Ducting for dust extraction is previewed on the same machine, making RC200 polisher one of the most flexible machines in tube surface finishing.

Different video demonstrations of tube finishing and polishing with RC200 machine can be seen at NS website, such as Ø180mm aluminum tubes polishing with cotton buffs and stainless steel tubes Ø42mm belt grinding.

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