ML30 Round and Oval Faucets Polishing machine

The video below is a demonstration of how to polish a stainless steel faucet in ML30 tube finishing machine.

With ML30 tube finishing machine we can polish the complete OD of taps and faucets without rotating the product.
As already presented on the article “ML30 Faucets Polishing Machine”, regardless the shape of the tap the operator just needed to feed the faucet through the polishing machine, while a planetary wheel which integrates 2 abrasive belts, will polish the complete surface either on the internal and external side of the bend.
The design of ML30 tube finishing and polishing machine enables the bends polishing of tubes even with tight radii.

In this new example, a stainless steel faucet with a round and oval design is finished and polished with ML30 machine. The abrasive belts simply adapt to the oval shape of the tube, polishing it with high consistency.

tube polisher tube polishing machine
The design of the faucet starts with
a round shape and end on an oval one
tube polisher tube polishing machine
Before and After Finishing with ML30 Machine
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