Aluminium Profiles and Stainless Steel Flat Surfaces Finishing Machine


FGW170 4ZV is a machine for aluminium profiles finishing and satinising. Also this polishing machine is suitable for stainless steel flat bars and rectangular tubes finishing with 170mm width capacity, enabling feeding of multiple tubes at same time.

This machine has 4 abrasive stations, 2 working from the top and 2 from the bottom, enabling the complete outside surface to be finished in 2 passes only. Additionally, with the part returning mode, the operator can have the polished profiles back on the feeding point without having to return them manually. This makes the surface finishing work on tubes and profiles much more productive than with standard equipments.

FGW170 4ZV combines high output with flexibility of work. In this machine the operator has the possibility to replace abrasive belt per brush unit. Polishing curved or flat shapes of aluminium profiles is possible either with abrasive belt with special contact roller or with abrasive brushes. More, the 3 conveyor belt system enables the use of only top or bottom stations, increasing the range of applications of this tubes and profiles polishing machine.

FGW170 4ZV has water cooling working in closed circuit with an integrated automatic filtering and pumping system. This equipment easily slides outside the machine whenever cleaning or paper roll replacement is needed.

This finishing machine has a touchscreen control where all functions can be set from abrasive belt speed, profile feeding speed, selection of stations to operate, motors consumption and pumping system. Also, several programs with different combinations of settings can be saved for future use.

On the demonstration video available at www.nsmaquinas.com you may see several aluminium profiles are polished and it is also demonstrated stainless steel bars and square tubes finishing.

For any doubt contact us at marketing@nsmaquinas.pt