Sports Bars Finishing in Gamar, Argentina

 Founded in 1948, Establecimientos Gamar SA, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts such has bumpers, sports bars, step bars and bull bars.

With an area of 9,600 m2 and a staff of about 200 people Gamar has been investing in technical solutions capable of improving and developing innovative processes for tubular and metal sheet accessories for off road and 4x4 vehicles. Experience and commitment were the basis of their developments on automotive parts supplier for Argentina and exported to Latin America and all over the world.

Sports Bar Finishing in ML100 Tube Polishing Machine   Polished and Assembled Stainless Steel Sports Bars

During the last years Gamar has consolidated its position as a strategic supplier to its automotive customers. Consequently has been awarded as Q1 Supplier of Ford and Class A of DaimlerChrysler.
Within Gamar main products we can see sports bars, bumpers and step bars. The tubular components are stainless steel and this company incorporates and controls the complete production process, from tube cutting passing through bending, finishing, polishing welding until final assembling of components.

On sports bars production the model produced for Ford Ranger is a group of 3 curved Ø76mm stainless steel tubes. After cutting and bending, Gamar has been using a cell with 5 planetary ML100 tube finishing machines which make the complete OD polishing even on the curved areas.

Considering manual finishing of bent tubes would involve high labor costs, a non-regular and inconstant finishing quality. Investing in ML100 tube polishing machines made the training of operators on tube finishing a fast and easy process. More, due to the compact, covered design and integrated filtration system it was possible to integrate a clean process of tube polishing in line with the other tube operations such as cutting, bending and welding, avoiding the use of a different area for the metal polishing operation. This integration exempted extra handling of tubes, creating a more fluid production line and eliminating production gaps.

With an installed capacity of 5 ML100 tube polishing machines, Gamar is able to produce 1 complete sports bar every 8 minutes, which leads in a final production maximum output of 200 sports bars per day.

In order to know more about Gamar you may see their institutional presentation video below where the sports bars polishing is viewed as well as complete production process.
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