Scaffolding Pipes Grinding Machine

ML100 with cement removal attachment is a machine capable of grinding and polishing used scaffoldings and prepare them for painting or new use.

scaffolding pipes restoring - scaffolding pipes painting
Scaffolding tubes with cement - Polishing Scaffolding tubes with ML machine
 The used scaffolding pipe with cement is simply placed on the automatic feeding system and in a 2 steps integrated operation the tubes are cleaned from the cement and then belt grinded.

This scaffolding pipes grinding machine has a working capacity up to 5 meters per minute in automatic mode. This brings huge savings comparing to the necessary work for restoring scaffoldings and pipes painting prerparation for future rental. Ideal for every scafolding rental company.

 Check the video below where you can see cement grinding and removal out of used scaffolding pipes, making them usable again in few seconds.

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