LMD2500 2Z Twin Belt Stroke Sander Machine

Stroke sander LMD2500
LMD2500 2Z Twin Belt Stroke Sander
LMD 2500 2Z is a double long belt finishing machine with flexible abrasive which enables the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials.

LMD twin belt stroke sander has a working table with 2500x850mm which turns possible the finishing of large structures. By having 2 parallel abrasive belts the work of weld grinding and belt polishing can be done faster, by simply selecting the abrasive belt to work with.

With LMD2500 you move the table by motor and use the adaptability of the long belt together with several grinding tools in order to work the areas you need.

Stroke sander LMD2500
Stainless steel welded product polishing machine

LMD2500 2Z twin belt stroke sander is the ideal machine for flat surfaces polishing, bulky welded structures polishing, weld seams polishing and all surface finishing in steel and stainless steel products.

LMD double abrasive belt machines are also available in 3100mm and 4000mm table sizes.
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 Check the video below for demonstration of stainless steel boxes weld polishing.