TR120 Plate and Bars Bevelling and Chamfering Machine

TR120 Z 2L 2X is NS plate bevelling and chamfering machine.

Plate chamfering machine
TR120 Plate Bevelling and Chamfering Machine
This equipment is suitable for grinding edges of bars, plates and metal sheet up to 25mm thickness.

On the video below it is demonstrated how to bevel stainless steel bar stock. First we show only upper plate beveling and secondly, by combining independent upper and lower bevelling stations, TR120 simultaneously creates bevels on bars on both corners.

Grinding 45 degrees bevels in plates from 40mm width up to 300mm or more can be done at a speed 3 meters per minute, both for aesthetic purposes or for plate welding preparation.

TR120 has also a third station for side grinding and lamella wheels for sharp edges removal of bars or plates.

See the video below and for more information contact us at marketing@nsmaquinas.com or visit www.nsmaquinas.com