Bull Bars and Bumpers Mirror Polishing and High Gloss Finishing Machine

    Bull bars and bumpers are tubular stainless steel accessories used on vehicles in order to protect them from collisions or impacts and as an auxiliary for lightning, communication equipment or self-recovery winch. Usually this type of accessory is essential for driving in rural and/or off-road areas. Also, this tubular grill guard and bull bars are nowadays used as an accessory to enhance the visual esthetic of the vehicles.

    Due to its characteristics, stainless steel is one of the best materials to use. Though being highly resistant, in extreme and/or different circumstances the material itself could corrode. In order to avoid the corrosion of the material, the mirror polishing clean and give a smooth finish to the stainless steel bull bar.

    MP100 – Mirror Polishing Machine is the perfect solution to mirror polish bull bars and bumpers on the vehicles. This solution makes harder for the corrosion to stick to the bull bars, bumpers, grill guard or push bar.

    To accomplish a good result, the manual operation of mirror polishing could take hours. Given the Planetary Polishing System of the MP100 – Mirror Polishing Machine it is able to operate curved, bent and elliptical tubes in a few minutes. This technology also enables the work without rotating the tube because the polishing wheels rotate around the tube diameter.

    The result of the MP100 - High Gloss Machine on the bull bars is a consistent and high productive finishing quality.  
    On the two videos below there is available an example of a bull bar with the mirror polishing finishing. The first stainless steel tube video is a close up of the bumper and the second one is a video of the entire bull bar mirror polishing and high gloss:

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