OD120: Tube End Deburring and Edge Rounding

Round tube end with burrs and sharp edges
Burrs are projections of material beyond the workpiece limits. It consists of an undesirable extended surface over the piece. The burr formation is almost impossible to avoid due to manufacturing processes, formation mechanisms, shape and material properties. On the other hand, there are several deburring processes to remove efficiently the burrs from a different variety of geometries. 

Manual deburring process
The usual and oldest process consists in manually remove the burrs by using an abrasive or wire brush deburring tool. This method is widely used because of its extreme flexibility, low cost and lack of technology needed. On the other hand, this process is time consumable which reduces the productivity and, consequently, increases the waste time and delay in the production lines. Also, there are some disadvantages of the manual process: brush wires may be unleash; the operator can lose control of the tube and, since the operator is more exposed to the brush and the cutting edges of the tube, may suffer hands injuries.

OD120 Tube End Deburring Machine
OD Tube End Deburring Machine is one the most efficient solution to remove the burrs, clean and remove tube sharp edges from different cutting processes such as sawing. This machine enables simultaneous outside and inside tube burrs removal without rotating the tube. The solution to deburr tube ends with OD Tube End Deburring Machine is the answer to the manual process with a productive, safer, simpler and flexible deburring method.

NS Máquinas is currently working with a company which needs enhance its deburring process by removing all the burrs from round tubes to be used in opening/closing systems for buses. 
The company produces components and systems for the pneumatic control of transport vehicles such as buses and other public vehicles with pneumatic door systems. In order to ensures the door kinematics, the system uses a tube fixed to the pneumatic device which will guide the door when it is opening or closing. 
This tube needs, most of the time, to be curved and, in order to bend the tube, it needs to be deburred first for mandrel. 
Also, the company has available handrails for the doors which are curved and needs to be completely straight and without burrs on the tube end in order to be fixed on the walls or on the door itself.
Round tube end deburring and edge rounding

OD120 Brush Protection and Fast Tube Clamping System
The operation is very simple because the operator doesn't need to rotate the tube as the brushes rotate all around the shape. Also, due to its fast tube clamping system the OD Tube End Deburring Machine is capable to deburr and easily operate different shapes – from round to square tubes and aluminum profiles - treating all edges uniformly. This system was developed not only to fix the tube while doing the deburring process but also to cover the brush and avoid injuries for the operator as well as ensure a cleaner environment.

The result is a machine with the extreme flexibility of the manual process and more importantly is a safer and faster way to remove the burrs from the tubes end.

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